Dear Passionate and Inspired Entrepreneur,

Linda Barnby1400Welcome to the online home of the National Association of Entrepreneurs!

You are a unique and treasured resource. Not everyone is like you or understands you. Entrepreneurs have dreams and desires that others simply cannot comprehend or appreciate. Support and community are vital to the nurturing of the entrepreneurial spirit. No one can go it alone.

Here, at NAE, you will find diverse, yet like-minded, entrepreneurs inspired to create something new, unique and personally branded, a legacy in the making. At NAE, you will find the support and the resources to accomplish your goals quicker and easier.

We are dedicated to empowering you with the resources, training and community to achieve the great things you are doing or dream of doing. We are delighted that you have found us here and we look forward to being a valued and trusted partner in your business.


The mission of the National Association of Entrepreneurs is to empower you with the vision, the courage, the training and the resources to create and grow a business that enables you to live a life full of meaning, passion, creativity, freedom and financial success and that enables you to empower others to do the same.


The National Association of Entrepreneurs is dedicated to your success!

Most of us dream of having a business that enables us to enjoy a lifestyle of freedom, creativity and wealth while serving others.  The ability to design our own work based on what we are most passionate about doing is the ultimate career goal.  And to have a business that enables us to live the lifestyle of our dreams is the stuff of pure happiness.

National Association of EntrepreneursHere, as a member of the National Association of Entrepreneurs, you can:

  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurial spirits for advice, support, referrals and customers
  • Learn success strategies through our teleseminar trainings and live lunch workshops
  • Promote your business’ products and services
  • Learn from experts about business and entrepreneurship including business start up basics, choosing the right corporate entity for your business, marketing, social media and  product development
  • Receive weekly tips and inspiration from our newsletter “Rich Life Good Life” delivered to your email Inbox
  • Find motivation and tools to create and follow through with your business and lifestyle goals
  • Be inspired by successful entrepreneurs in diverse fields
  • Connect with the resources you need to be successful
  • Participate in a CEO Roundtable with other CEO’s who will mentor you and your business
  • Learn and improve skills to be successful

Member Profile

Members of the National Association of Entrepreneurs:

  • Are interested in creating a new business for profit, or not-for-profit, or
  • Have a business for profit, or not-for-profit
  • Are life-long learners
  • Believe that to live is to continuously grow, create and prosper
  • Are dedicated to their own success
  • Find value in contributing to the success, happiness and growth of their families, friends, associates and other entrepreneurs
  • Believe in a philosophy of abundance; that is, that there is enough of everything in the world for everyone to succeed and have, not only their fair share, but more of everything than they ever dreamed of having.
  • Are, or want to be, courageous and passionate!

Your Mission – Should You Choose to Accept It

First, Accept Our Invitation of a FREE MEMBERSHIP

  • Take advantage of the information, community and marketing opportunities that the National Association of Entrepreneurs has created just for you. Connect with our community!
  • Share yourself with us – your dreams, your hopes and your creativity – and experience the power of our community!
  • Let us provide you the resources and tools to create a business you are passionate about and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • You’ll receive RICH LIFE GOOD LIFE, our online “How-To” magazine, weekly chock-full of practical, useful and often inspiring tips to help to grow your business.
  • PLUS you’ll receive Linda’s eBook:  The Top 7 Ways to Attract Clients Using Facebook.
  • You’ll be entitled to submit 2 Guest Blog Posts per year for publication consideration on the NAE website and/or online magazine. (Subject to editorial approval.)
  • And, you’ll stay connected and current with all the events happening in the NAE.



Next, Join Our Virtual Chapter

  • As member of NAE’s Virtual Chapter, you’ll participate in our monthly Virtual Chapter meeting conducted via teleconference.  We interview guests, solve challenges for our members on the “Hot Seat”, share tips and tricks to running a successful business and much, much more!
  • We’ll create for you your own Landing Page where NAE members and the public can find out all about you – in just the words and in just the places where you most want to be found and connected with! Better than Facebook, Linked In and Twitter combined – because you provide the information you want for you online presence.  And we’ll put in online for you to be easily found!
  • You’ll be entitled to take advantage of Full NAE Member Benefits provided by our third party sponsors.
  • And, you’ll receive all the benefits of our FREE MEMBERSHIP as well.



Join A Local Chapter

  • Attend Local Chapter CEO Roundtable workshops every 2 weeks at your home chapter to connect, learn and grow amongst your peers.
  • You’ll be eligible to participate in NAE’s Referral Rewards Program:  $25 Reward for Referring a Member.
  • You’ll also be eligible to promote yourself and your company in ever more creative ways via our latest Promotions Packages.
  • Receive all the benefits of being a member of NAE’s Virtual Chapter.
  • And, you’ll receive all the benefits of our FREE MEMBERSHIP as well.



Become a Chapter Director and Start a Chapter

No local NAE chapter near you?  Start one! (It’s super easy!  It is no more time-consuming than going out to lunch with your friends!  And . . . We’ll help!)



Wishing you success and fulfillment of your wildest entrepreneurial dreams!

Linda Barnby, Founder and CEO, National Association of Entrepreneurs


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