Cool Business Internet Tools! – Linda & Friends #5

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby, Tracy Goodwin, Billy Bob Brigmon, Jennifer Lamprey, The Audacity Coach, Morgan Smith, Karen Graves, D. Scott Smith, Dana R. Credle, Kandu, Wayne Hatter, Anna Jo Scheller, Rob Rudy, and Julio Rodriguez

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  1. Linda Barnby says:

    NOTICE! Linda & Friends will be blabbing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm for the foreseeable future – so our contest winners will be announced on Tuesday 9/29/15

  2. Linda Barnby says:

    9/28/15! Must be present to win!

  3. Linda Barnby says:

    TO ENTER OUR CONTEST, JOIN OUR Facebook Group at and share a cool biz tool – website, podcast, book, Twitter influencer, etc. – on our show tomorrow 9/24/15 or Friday 9/25/15 at 1 pm Eastern. 3 chances to win! Winners will be announced on our show on Monday

  4. this was wicked fun! thanks ladies!

  5. Linda Barnby says:


  6. WordSwag is fab too for the Instagram lovers

  7. I’d love to help co-create some community!

  8. Alma Arizpe says:

    @KarenGravesMYG praying now for favor.

  9. Karen Graves says:

    @Almarivergirl If you win my prize, will help you find it!

  10. Alma Arizpe says:

    Still looking for the money 🙂 I am subscribed ladies. Thank you

  11. — very easy graphics for blog/social media/presentations.

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