Dangerous Curves Ahead! w/ @LauraRiceDesign on The Linda & Friends Show #22

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby, Full Body Frequency, and Tracy Goodwin

61 Responses to Dangerous Curves Ahead! w/ @LauraRiceDesign on The Linda & Friends Show #22

  1. and even after eating cotton balls, they STILL get photoshopped to look even thinner!

  2. I could do a 62…steps, slowly.

  3. So you are on it, clearly.

  4. Amnon Nissan says:

    Or if she narrowed the browser

  5. I have backdrop setup. lighting and mics are still in the box.

  6. Amnon Nissan says:

    @LindaBamby, on a mobile device the chat will be under the videos

  7. Amnon Nissan says:

    She is on a mobile device?

  8. Amnon Nissan says:

    NO !!! It only says this for the hosts

  9. can she type in the chat?

  10. Amnon Nissan says:

    If she is looking for a button that says ‘Join’ she won’t find it.

  11. Amnon Nissan says:

    It says ‘Call in’

  12. Amnon Nissan says:

    If she can get to blab.im it is not her WiFi.

  13. Thanks @amnonnissan!

  14. Amnon Nissan says:

    Tracy, leave things as they are now for this Blab, will be glad to help you afterwards.

  15. Tracy, put the red sweater back on!

  16. Amnon Nissan says:

    It looks like you didn’t choose the correct camera Tracy.

  17. Get @amnon to help, he’s a tech genious.

  18. This is ALL Billy Bob’s fault for sure!

  19. Amnon Nissan says:

    Try now, I’ll help you

  20. No, I can’t get in EVER on chrome.

  21. Amnon Nissan says:

    Good point, Tracy, are you on Chrome?

  22. This did happen the other night with Julio

  23. Amnon Nissan says:

    You clicked on the mic, undo it

  24. Let me get out and back in real quick

  25. this is what happens when I can’t join !

  26. Amnon Nissan says:

    Can’t hear you now

  27. Amnon Nissan says:

    You were my guest on Computers 2K now.

  28. Amnon Nissan says:

    You are now using the laptop or cam mic, which has room noise.

  29. Amnon Nissan says:

    If it is, it is not the one you are using now

  30. Amnon Nissan says:

    Hi Tracy. Is that little thing in-line with your ear peice a microphone?

  31. “Step into your American Crime!”

  32. tech support by Linda!

  33. where is the red sweater???????

  34. we need to have a Linda & Friends conference at the beach house where you first Blabbed!

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