How to Make Money With Your Blog With Bess Auer – Linda & Friends Show #12

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby, Bess Auer, PrestonOdenbrett, Billy Bob Brigmon, and Karen Graves

62 Responses to How to Make Money With Your Blog With Bess Auer – Linda & Friends Show #12

  1. Next Linda & Friends prize: 10,000 Twitter followers from our new sponsor, Fiverr!

  2. What happen to the love of organic reach? Engage!

  3. @LindaBarnby We need to do coffee as well..or wine 🙂 You are 3 hours away.

  4. @Bess_Auer Let’s do coffee and bagels after the holidays. 🙂

  5. BlogCon will do well on Patreon

  6. I’m reading The Art of Asking right now by Amanda Palmer. It has to do with the concept of Patreon and other crowd funding, as well as other ideas surrounding asking for what you want and need. Excellent ideas.

  7. He is wonderful Linda

  8. Karen Graves says:

    @BillyBobBrigmon Only if it’s your out of closet Blabs.

  9. In 2010 with a few amazing women I know out of Aussie did a small blogtalk session on video marketing and encouraged others to make an investment. Now 5 years later look at us with all the great video content. 🙂

  10. Bess Auer says:

    @goddessmychele Hey there!

  11. I think Patreon is fantastic!

  12. @karengravesmyg – I’ll send you my Patreon link. I’m counting on a big contribution from you!

  13. I am a blab cheerleader

  14. Twitter: @gottagetbloggin

  15. @I_Love_Roatan Yes!

  16. @MsBumiBenjamin Me too 🙂 1 resort – 1,000’s more to speak with !

  17. Now I know where I can go to start my speaking career!

  18. @I_Love_Roatan Awesome! Love the beaches here.

  19. Not me, my brother 🙂 Deerfield beach – have one client in FL – looking 4 more ccnnections- DM me

  20. @Bess_Auer I am in West Palm Beach. 5 minutes from downtown City Place. I host a small mixer event at the Blind Monk. You will love it. Wine and small bites. You have to come out in January 2016.

  21. hi everyone! great topic h/t to the panelists
    i’m a behavioral scientist and new to blab

  22. @MsBumiBenjamin Hello, neither have I

  23. @I_Love_Roatan What part of Florida?

  24. Bess Auer says:

    @MsBumiBenjamin Welcome!

  25. Next: Affiliate links

  26. I have lived in Florida for 2 years and have never been to BlogCon. On my list now for next year! I am not afraid to say I am a newbie Bess! 🙂

  27. i make the main portion of our household money through affiliate links!

  28. Starting Point: banner ads you sell yourself.

  29. FLBlogCon – September annually

  30. Melanie Lane says:


  31. Teacher observation: 6th graders invest more effort when writing for a new audience.

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