How to Use Blab as the Start of Your Conversion Funnel – Linda & Friends #3

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby, Bonnie Frank, Karla, Tracy Goodwin, Billy Bob Brigmon, Robert C. Stern, Donald Brant , Ivan Raiklin, Jojanneke v.d. Bosch, Sara Ortiz, Michael D Haines, Byron Ingraham, Win Kelly Charles, April Welch, Chef Dennis, Karen Graves, Samantha Kelly, Madalyn Sklar, D. Scott Smith, fergusVoiceman, Jonathan Gaby, Barb Tomlin, Troy Humphrey, Gerald DuBose, and Social Matters

69 Responses to How to Use Blab as the Start of Your Conversion Funnel – Linda & Friends #3

  1. April Welch says:

    @sanensatisfied totally depends on what content you’re delivering

  2. @sanensatisfied yes will RT

  3. Sara Ortiz says:

    You can just highlight the last word and then scroll up to the top and hold down shift and click. It should capture everything.

  4. That’s a ton of chat

  5. That’s a great idea

  6. You’ve had a marathon session Linda.

  7. April Welch says:

    shoot! just looked at the clock! have to bounce over to a client 🙁

  8. April Welch says:

    @Bonnielfrank she could do a #StartingOver Blab chat

  9. April Welch says:

    @deb_mitchell noooo

  10. You have to be proactive.. sitting on the sidelines doesn’t get you the results you want when you want them.

  11. John Bukenas says:

    Women territorial? Really??

  12. @johnbukenas Women territorial? No way!

  13. Alicia Bozza says:

    @johnbukenas have had

  14. gotta go with the flow and find ur ideal spot to network

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