Is Blab Your New Shiny Object? How to Stay Focused – Linda & Friends #6

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby, Sarah Thompson, Tracy Goodwin, Gina Carr, Billy Bob Brigmon, Robyn Wright, and Karen Graves

83 Responses to Is Blab Your New Shiny Object? How to Stay Focused – Linda & Friends #6

  1. Linda Barnby says:

    Bluehost wants me to pay extra for their service to prevent hacking (I’ve been hacked several times.) Does WP Engine include protection from hacking?

  2. Gina Carr says:

    Yes. I’ll try again. Will get help from blab. Thanks!

  3. Gina Carr says:

    Thought my issue might be related to manycam. I deleted that. Still doesn’t work.

  4. might foxtrot Oscar to bed

  5. almost 2am here in Manila X

  6. not suitable for work

  7. Gina Carr says:

    I was just on a webinarjam this morning.

  8. *shakes fist at crap tech*

  9. James Lawson says:

    I joined your FB group – great Blab

  10. Gina Carr says:

    Thanks! Great flexibility. I’m impressed.

  11. Karen Graves says:

    You are too funny!!!!

  12. Karen Graves says:

    @australiawow Great tip!!!

  13. Thanks ladies! Great blabbing with you.

  14. and upload video so it auto plays in Twitter timeline for people. then optionally pay to put that video in front of the followers of your competitors

  15. Karen Graves says:

    Hi Jr, Jesse, Leif!

  16. Gina Carr says:

    Great tip –

  17. James Lawson says:

    what is the name again ?

  18. Robyn Wright says:

    Yes, and grab your room name now!

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