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  • Form friendships with other CEOs and business owners in a highly productive, yet relaxed, setting.
  • Become the EXPERT – the “Go To Guy or Gal” –  in your chapter for doing what you do! And the strategies and tips you learn from your NAE Chapter Board of Trusted Advisors to grow your business will be yours and yours exclusively!
  • Receive advice and guidance from a host of experienced entrepreneur business owners who act as your own personal “Board of Trusted Advisors“.
  • Learn From Experts and Network with Business Owners at CEO Roundtable Lunch Workshops at the chapter of your choice every two weeks.
  • Promote your services
  • Have Opportunities to Speak and share your expertise by volunteering to speak to chapter members in a 15-20 minute educational presentation (one or more times per year)

When you volunteer to speak to an NAE Chapter you:

  1. Demonstrate your position as an expert in your industry
  2. Build credibility and trust among fellow NAE members
  3. Reach your target market by speaking directly to business owners who need your services
  4. Connect personally with decision-makers in a small group setting
  5. Earn business from like-minded business people
  6. Earn referrals from NAE members and other business owners
  • Showcase yourself and your business in one minute contributions called “Mojo Minutes” at each meeting on designated topics (on a voluntary basis)
  • Receive high quality business and referrals organically from other members in the chapter from their database of qualified contacts, in a personal, one-on-one basis.  There are NO quotas or expectations for you to make referrals ever.  Your reputation for will MULTIPLY through each chapter member to their own circles of friends, family, business associates and acquaintances.
  • Virtual Chapter membership – Don’t live near one of our local “in person” chapters?  No worries!  We have a Virtual Chapter where we invite your participation.  The Virtual Chapter meets once a month via teleconference.


Visitors are Most Welcome!

Membership in the NAE at local chapters is “pay-as-you-go”.  There is no annual membership fee to attend local chapter workshops.

Chapter Member Cast of Characters

As an NAE Chapter Member, you will fall into one of two Casts of Characters!

  1. CEO Member – You are a CEO of your business     – OR –
  2. Cornerstone Member – You represent a company that provides services and support to CEOs and companies

CEO Membership is open to:

  • Any owner or chief executive officer (CEO) of a business founded or operated by the prospective member;
  • Any person planning to start their own business; and
  • Anyone who has owned and operated a business in the past if their current occupation adds value to the group.

Cornerstone Membership is open to:

  • Anyone whose business or company provides support services to business owners or their companies
  • The number of Cornerstone Members is limited to 25% of any chapter’s members to keep our focus on serving and supporting CEOs and their companies.

Joining a Local Chapter Entitles You To:

  • Attend CEO Roundtable Lunch Workshops throughout the year at your home chapter. (Each chapter meets every 2 weeks except during the Christmas holiday season,  Thanksgiving week, Spring Break and legal holidays)
  • Participate in our monthly Virtual Chapter Workshop via teleconference


“Every NAE CEO Roundtable is jam-packed with actionable intel.”

“Why not become a more effective, efficient and strategic CEO over lunch?”

“I’m well-rewarded for my time investment. There’s always a variety of fun, educational segments – ‘Hot Seat’, ‘Discuss!’, ‘Mojo Minutes’, an insightful speaker and more . . . every time.”


Join National Association of Entrepreneurs


“What sets NAE apart from any other networking group I’ve been to in Orlando (and I’ve been to a lot) is the level of professionalism and expertise of the real entrepreneurs who attend. If you’re looking for a meetup up without the fluff and zero phonies – you’ve found it here. Linda is an absolute delight, and her focus on giving incredible value to the members shows. I’m very glad to have attended this meetup and as a result have decided to become a member of I couldn’t recommend this group more highly.” – Marlee Ward, Marlee Ward

“Linda is a woman after my own heart – she helps people connect and accelerate their business like none other. What a local treasure!” – Brenda Snelson Hutchins, Overload Fitness

“My mind is still sizzling from the Hot ideas the NAE members suggested for finding new clients. A million thanks for this great opportunity!! I was gifted with ideas from some of the most creative and giving business brains in Central Florida!! I learned so much at this meeting from marketing ideas, PR, finance tips, new ADA laws for business, SEO, and on-line marketing to information about the UCF Business Incubator Program. There was a whole lot of brain power in that room! I encourage all entrepreneurs to check it out. You just might find yourself in the “hot seat!” NAE Mastermind luncheons overflow with “Content.” (word of the day)” – Susan Berry, Classical Home Design

“They say no man is an island. Nor is any business. The NAE provides the opportunity for business owners to put their heads together and help support one another in an open inexpensive format. The NAE is about give and take. By using the combined strengths of the team everyone succeeds.” – Jim Grebey, Diligent Inc.

Join National Association of Entrepreneurs

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