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  • Attend Local Chapter CEO Roundtable workshops every 2 weeks at your home chapter to connect, learn and grow among your peers.
  • Participate in NAE’s Virtual Chapter monthly meetings via teleconference.
  • As member of NAE’s Virtual Chapter, you’ll participate in our monthly Virtual Chapter meeting conducted via teleconference.  We interview guests, solve challenges for our members on the “Hot Seat”, share tips and tricks to running a successful business and much, much more!
  • Let us provide you the resources and tools to create a business you are passionate about and achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • You’ll receive RICH LIFE GOOD LIFE, our online “How-To” magazine, weekly chock-full of practical, useful and often inspiring tips to help to grow your business.
  • PLUS you’ll receive Linda’s eBook:  The Top 7 Ways to Attract Clients Using Facebook.
  • And, you’ll stay connected and current with all the events happening in the NAE.

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