Melonie Dodaro – Social Media Wiz on Linda & Friends Show #15

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby, Billy Bob Brigmon, and Melonie Dodaro

72 Responses to Melonie Dodaro – Social Media Wiz on Linda & Friends Show #15

  1. Linda Barnby says:

    Thank you, Melonie!!!

  2. Thanks, @MelonieDodaro

  3. Linda Barnby says:

    Thank you so much for being on the show today! So much value! Do you want to wrap up the show and invite people to join us on Linda & Friends on Thursday at 2 pm Eastern?

  4. Brene Brown – being vulnerable builds relationships.

  5. You’re making Elvis and Priscilla very proud!

  6. Lol – good for you… I have to get there, too.

  7. “people want to do business with people they know, like and trust!”

  8. Linda Barnby says:

    What is the difference between what you post an update versus on LI?

  9. Linda Barnby says:

    What is a typical social media day for you? What do you do daily, weekly?

  10. @SandiEveleth I’m sure it does.

  11. @BillyBobBrigmon Does it depend on your “Avatar”?

  12. I’ve been experimenting with different publishing times on LinkedIn Publisher…I’ve noticed spikes on Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons.

  13. Linda Barnby says:

    I think she means off line?

  14. Linda Barnby says:


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