This Week in Blab Oct 30 2015

This is a replay of the live broadcast with BlogAid, Hilary Steel, Lawrence Snow, Kaye Ms.K , Kaye , Art Williams, Linda Barnby, jamie messner, and Bill Rowe

113 Responses to This Week in Blab Oct 30 2015

  1. Ileane Smith says:

    Team Blab lost wifi last night

  2. Ileane Smith says:

    I have no idea. I never listen up to the very end lol

  3. Ileane Smith says:

    In the chat they are in chronological order

  4. Great show as usual, Thanks!

  5. Ileane Smith says:

    You can still see them in the chat

  6. Bill Rowe says:

    When they change like that the questions become a moving target

  7. Chris Rice says:

    on top on this end

  8. Chris Rice says:

    i do. in second position

  9. Chris Rice says:

    @billrowe ahh… thanks. it seems refresh is the cure all

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