This Week in Blab Oct 30 2015

This is a replay of the live broadcast with BlogAid, Hilary Steel, Lawrence Snow, Kaye Ms.K , Kaye , Art Williams, Linda Barnby, jamie messner, and Bill Rowe

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  1. Bill Rowe says:

    @chrisrice7 It will until you refresh

  2. Chris Rice says:

    Linda still shows as a guest on the user end

  3. The Fav works like voting. So if more people vote a question it moves up

  4. it doesnt work on mobile

  5. from snapchat 101 with jed record and marc levy

  6. Ileane Smith says:

    Are you on Beta Larry

  7. Chris Rice says:

    the town hall ended and some guy came on rapping… interesting transition. would be nice to have some control over that…

  8. Came from Marc’s blab

  9. Ileane Smith says:

    I was in the kitchen so I had no choice

  10. Ileane Smith says:

    I got here from Marc’s Blab about SnapChat

  11. No we came from another blab

  12. Ileane Smith says:

    Shaan did not agree that they are going to turn off the feature.

  13. @LindaBarnby what about kajabi

  14. @debatable_uk works on every damn thing

  15. @debatable_uk its not! and i kinnda like that!

  16. Ken W says:

    @techblokedotcom is that web rtc as well

  17. Blab is shopping all its features from (and making it better) . So if you want to know whats coming next look at spreecast.

  18. Ileane Smith says:

    Might take 2 years for them to code that one up

  19. Ileane Smith says:

    That’s right @blogaid

  20. Ileane Smith says:

    @techblokedotcom Oh.

  21. @Ileane they charge for bandwidth.

  22. Ileane Smith says:

    @techblokedotcom don’t they still have 50 videos for free

  23. more for video hosting

  24. its not for discovery

  25. Linda Barnby says:

    Wistia is known for its analytics

  26. Ileane Smith says:

    There is no discovery mechanism on Wistia though

  27. wistia is super expensive

  28. Ileane Smith says:

    Wistia is good (from what I hear)

  29. Ileane Smith says:

    I don’t trust Vimeo…..

  30. Ileane Smith says:

    @lawrenceasnow your video is looking good today!!

  31. Ileane Smith says:

    @lawrenceasnow exactly

  32. Larry Snow says:

    @Ileane I never use them I look at titles

  33. Ileane Smith says:

    @techblokedotcom everyone wanted tags so they gave it us.

  34. Ileane Smith says:

    They are desperate to make those tags worthwhile but I have always felt that the tags are a waste of time

  35. Hilary Steel says:

    Tags work good for me

  36. If you want to upload blabs. I suggest you edit it to just the content portion and then upload them

  37. Linda Barnby says:

    @techblokedotcom That makes sense! Thanks!

  38. I would rather embedd blabs directly.

  39. Ileane Smith says:

    @LindaBarnby I think that makes sense if their audience is used to high production levels

  40. Well here is why – When you post Full blab shows (without edits) they are not super relevant to the youtube audience. As in a blab we do a lot of things like welcome people, mention comments that these youtube audience cant see. So its not fun for them. They are most likely going to Drop off your video. As a Youtube Channel owner you need to care about the Mins uploads / Retention as that affects your Ranking in the youtube Search.

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