Winning at Weight Loss with the Weight Loss Coach and the Big Loser #2

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Linda Barnby and Catherine Gordon

64 Responses to Winning at Weight Loss with the Weight Loss Coach and the Big Loser #2

  1. Debe Bloom says:

    I try to stay away from anything white….sugar included and no phony sugar…

  2. @DebeBloom1 you look amazing and very inspirational

  3. Debe Bloom says:

    thanks for your wise words…I need to get to an appointment…

  4. Linda Barnby says:

    Terry, we’ll catch you next week@

  5. Linda Barnby says:

    @Julianj1973 The recipe is in current issue of Women’s World magazine on newsstands now.

  6. Linda Barnby says:

    There is a wonderful Low Carb Diet in the current issue of Women’s World. It has a wonderful soup recipe that even non-dieting family members will enjoy!

  7. Is there somewhere we can see this recipe

  8. Nazia Anjum says:

    Nyce to see both of you. And it’s my first blab to see and participate, really enjoyed it.

  9. Linda Barnby says:

    In a blender whip an ounce of cream cheese and an egg. Add Xylitol a couple of drops. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Blend it. Cook it in butter. Add fruit – strawberries. You can add a sugar free maple syrup sparingly. This is called a Cream Cheese Pancake. Yum!

  10. Nazia Anjum says:

    Hahaaaa I don’t like artificial sweeteners to

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